As one in every of the watchdogs of national financial security in Nigeria customs service, has again confirmed in phrases and deeds, that it is serious with guaranteeing that the activities and operations of smugglers, cash launderers, other folks dealing in illegal fingers and spoiled politicians, are tamed this new year and astray, new decade.

January, 15, Jerry Attah, public family officer, federal operations unit of NCS in Ikeja, Lagos, told the enviornment by the media that Usman Yahaya, who resumed tasks as performing controller of Customs for FOU ‘A’, hit the floor running when he intercepted contraband goods valued at over N67million in a single week

In line with Attah, barely one week in office, his quest for prominent efficiency utilizing credible intelligence yielded certain outcomes with the interception of 2,065 jerry cans of vegetable oil 25liters each, 1,185 bags of 50kg international parboiled rice, 1500 jerry cans (25lts) of diesel , with an obligation paid price of sixty seven,362,500.00, between January seventh -14th January 2020 along assorted unapproved routes within our areas of protection.

This feat is approaching story of series of meetings held with our sectional heads, crew / patrol leaders where he unveiled the management’s mandate bestowed on him which involves blockage of all earnings leakages, trade facilitation and intensification of anti-smuggling operations at various entry parts: seaports, land borders, and Airport within our areas of jurisdiction within the south west zone.

DC Yahaya warned smugglers and ‘could well be’ of the probability that lies forward for them if they construct now no longer retract in legitimate trade, as some be pleased started counting their losses

“Which you’ll want to accept as true with me that the combat in opposition to smuggling can only be won if all fingers are on deck.” He called on your total people of the media and the total public to reinforce the combat in opposition to smuggling by offering major intelligence that could well furthermore back the service in reducing smuggling to its barest minimum.

Within the intervening time, DC Yahaya’s redeployment used to be phase of the Comptroller-Total’s recommendations to re-jig and reposition the Service for bigger effectivity and effectiveness particularly within the areas of earnings skills, trade facilitation besides to combating smuggling.

DC Usman Yahaya is a quintessential and an enforcement guru who hitherto used to be the Coordinator of Strike Force, Zone ‘A’, sooner than he used to be posted to FOU ‘A’ as the Performing Controller.

He took over on Tuesday 7thJanuary 2020, from Comptroller Aliyu Mohammed, who used to be elevated in accordance with his memoir to a new project as the Performing Sector four Commander of Border Drill Operations code named Ex-Swift Response.

The perception of office by Usman Yahaya at FOU ‘A’, naturally, has sent fear to all smugglers and non-compliant merchants colorful completely his antecedents as an Enforcement Czar.

Yahaya thanked the Comptroller Total of Customs, Col. Hameed Ibrahim Ali (Rtd) and the total Management Team of the Nigeria Customs Service for pondering him great and assured he’ll work assiduously with all officers to account for the confidence reposed on him.

Connected are his marvelous portrait and photos of seized items to your fast utilize

All as soon as more, the Comptroller-Total of Customs, Col Hammed Ali, rtd, on Tuesday in Lagos told newsmen how officers of the Federal Operations Unit of the Nigerian Customs Service intercepted illegal circulate of over $ 8million at the Muritala Muhammed Global Airport in Ikeja, Lagos .

Speaking on the interception, Ali explained that in accordance with credible knowledge bought, FOU Customs intelligence unit, used to be activated and detailed to storm the E soar unit of the MMIA on January sixteen, 2020, where the illegal circulate of the international currencies used to be intercepted.

In line with the customs boss, one Chimezie Okonkwo, driver of the coaster bus where the foreign money, loaded in six bargo bags and conveyed to the airport used to be arrested.

“On Saturday, January 18, 2020, a checklist of the consignment used to be taken and used to be witnessed by representatives of the Directorate of Direct Security Service, DSS, Customs Intelligence Unit, Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing Unit, within the presence of the suspect “, he stated.

He additional explained that at the tip of the stock, a total of 20 sealed wraps had been opened, counted, re-sealed, and re-wrapped below video protection, where the total sum of $ Eight,065,612, used to be counted.

The Customs boss, whereas reminding Nigerians that only $ 10,000 is the brink allowed for honorable drivellers, who be pleased no diagram, of laundering for international terrorism, drug smuggling, fingers proliferation, and other prison acts, pleaded with people of the overall public and the press to affix within the combat in opposition to all forms of smuggling and cash laundering.

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